Advantages of app building kits

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App building kits have been gaining in importance since the start of the pandemic. Current statistics estimate that global revenue from apps built with an app builder or low/no code platform will grow to over $65 billion by 2027. Therefore, we would like to explain to you in this article what app building kits like MyEasyApp are and what advantages they can offer compared to commissioned app development.

What is an app building kit?

Person studying in front of a mac highlighting notes

Basically, app building kits are development environments for software that allow users to create mobile and web applications visually (e.g., by Drag & Drop modules) with little or no programming knowledge required. There are various providers of app building kits, which vary in price and range of functions.

What advantages do app building kits offer over "traditional" app development?

One of the biggest advantages is the comparatively low cost of creating apps with building blocks. Users usually pay a monthly fee for the use of the development environment and extend it with functions specifically required for their application. This enables companies with a small budget for comparable app development costs to experiment with whether a mobile app with the planned functions will be accepted by the company's customers.

In addition, app construction kits offer the possibility of making quick and uncomplicated changes to applications and testing them on end devices. Through direct access to the development environment, users have control over which functions their app should have. This means that new content can be added to the app without much additional effort or detours via external development companies.

Apps created with an app construction kit can also be maintained by employees who are not trained developers. The visual operation of app construction kits thus also eliminates costs for further training or hiring additional developers, who are hard enough to find due to the increasing shortage of skilled workers.


One such app builder is MyEasyApp, which offers you a wide range of proven modules such as orders or news. The news module, for example, we have presented in this article. And if you are interested in using an app builder, you can try creating an app for free here! kostenlos die Erstellung einer App ausprobieren!